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Looking for an indoor photo booth near you? Photo Booth Rentals NJ is a source for the best photo booth solutions. We have a stylish Enclosed Photo Booth for rent that will surely become a highlight of your event.

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When you rent a photo booth for parties, the more people it can accommodate, the merrier. That is a big check for our photo booth rent. Our Enclosed Photo Booth can fit a group of 14 people comfortably, but we’ve been known to be able to squeez up to 21 people! 

Our photo booths for weddings and party photo booths are perfect for celebrations. Our photo booth packages are designed to meet customer requirements.


  • Customer-centered photo booth services
  • Affordable photo booth prices and add-ons
  • Excellent photo booth ideas, decorations, and props
  • Guaranteed fun and entertainment for all ages!


Need more information about our Enclosed Photo Booth? Get complete details and an instant package quote straight from our photo booth team!


Photo Booth Rentals NJ is a local photo booth company based in Morristown, NJ. Come visit us in our office or call our number to talk with one of our photo booth experts. 

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Indoor Morristown Event? An Enclosed Photo Booth Is Perfect For Any Occasion!

After years of experience, we are sort of experts when it comes to photo booths for rent. So if you are planning on renting a photo booth for an event, the Enclosed Photo Booth is a great option. It is perfect for indoor venues and private settings.

There are other great reasons for wanting the Enclosed Photo Booth.

Enclosed Photo Booth Benefits

Professional camera and light setup. Choosing to rent a photo booth from us means access to unparalleled services. You can expect professional photo booth services from Photo Booth Rentals NJ. That includes a high-grade camera and light equipment. Do all the goofy poses you got! Our Enclosed Photo Booth will capture all moments in high definition.

Excellent choice for intimate settings. The Enclosed Photo Booth is a compact type of photo booth. Renting a photo booth like it is efficient when packing, setting up, and breaking down. Plus, it does not take so much space which makes it a popular choice for private, small venues.

Private solo or group photo taking. Beautiful photo booth background and curtains surround the Enclosed Photo Booth. This setup makes it perfect for guests. They can have their own photo booth experience with friends and dates. Guests will feel less embarrassed taking pictures of quirky poses.

Nostalgic feel. The style of the Enclosed Photo Booth will surely evoke nostalgic feelings. It is a great joining of modern and traditional ways of taking pictures. Older attendees will be reminded of the best moments they once took in a traditional photo booth.

Ask Photo Booth Rentals NJ for more details regarding our Enclosed Photo Booth. You can also call our office to ask about the availability of our other rental photo booths. Call or visit our office today!

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Photo Booth Rentals NJ Premium Enclosed Booth

We love to be the bearer of all fun photo booths, so our team is happy to supply the latest photo booths in Morristown, NJ. You will be relieved to know that our Enclosed Photo Booth includes:


  • Professional tools and equipment including studio lighting and DSLR camera
  • High-end, fast dye-sub printer for printing HD photos
  • Whimsical wigs, hats, and other photo booth props
  • Gorgeous photo booth backgrounds like skylines, cities, fireworks, and more!
  • Tuxedo style photo booth entrance
  • High-quality photos


You cannot go wrong with our Enclosed Photo Booth. Photo Booth Rentals NJ offers the latest and best Morristown photo booth for parties. Inquire about our photo booth packages today!


    Why DIY Photo Booth May Not Be For You

    To avoid hassles and frustrations, work with a professional photo booth company. A reliable photo booth team will deliver the best outcome. Deciding to DIY photo booth decorations and setup could be disastrous.

    • Putting a photo booth up and breaking it down after the event is time-consuming and stressful.
    • Professionals have the complete equipment and tools 
    • A rental photo booth company can set up the photo booth design you like
    • Sometimes DIY results in expensive mistakes that could ruin the entire event plan.
    Incredible Inflatable Photo Booth

    As a reliable Morristown photo booth company, we are glad to help you make your photo booth ideas a reality. Photo Booth Rentals NJ is here to supply the latest photo booths!

    Renting A Photo Booth From Photo Booth Rentals NJ

    Let us talk about your event! Photo Booth Rentals NJ is the local photo booth rental that is ready to help you!


    Rent a photo booth from our Reserve Page. Input your details, questions, and special requests. Or call us first and talk with our customer support. And then, we will send the full details of our packages and photo booth add-ons.

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