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You are looking for an awesome photo booth for rent. That is why you are here. Photo Booth Rentals NJ offers several kinds of photo booths for rent. Our PhotoTent is one of the most interesting and liked by many clients. 

  • We are to help provide the best photo booth experience
  • We are a photo booth business you can depend on for your upcoming event
  • We have a goal to focus on the customers and provide for their needs

Our photo booth company is wholly committed to providing the outdoor photo tent you need. Our photo booth services are the most trusted in Morristown, NJ. Keep scrolling to see why you should reserve from us!

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What You Need To Know About the Photo Tent

Consider renting a photo booth, specifically the Photo Tent. It is sure to deliver a great time for you and the guests. The Photo Tent is a popular choice and for good reason.

Portable and professional photo booth for rent. When it comes to renting, you should not settle for  poor quality or cheap photo booth rentals. The Photo Tent uses a portable and commercial-grade canopy. And for a professional photo booth team, it will only take a few minutes to assemble everything.

A lovely photo tent. The Photo Tent has a canopy that is great for outdoor celebrations. The tent is perfect for covering elements when taking pictures. It blocks the wind, so people can take great pictures anytime.

Photo Tent size. Many photo booths can only fit  2 – 3 people. With a photo tent, you may be able to request a bigger photo booth size that can hold up to 10 guests. Plus, this kind of photo booth for rent is easily customizable.

What you need to know about the outdoor photo tent rental, Photo Booth Rentals NJ can provide. Renting a photo booth is extremely simple. Call us now and we will walk you through the process.

Included With Our Morristown PhotoTent

Photo Booth Rentals NJ is here and we are real when we say our goal is to help customers have a great special day. Our PhotoTent will impress everyone at your event. Get this absolutely fun package when you rent our PhotoTent:

  • Unlimited high definition pictures
  • Hours and hours of photo booth fun
  • Fast photo printing
  • Top-quality camera and light equipment
  • Beautiful photo booth props
  • Unique photo booth decorations
  • Big preview screen
  • Use of photo tent without additional charge

Do you need a PhotoTent for your outdoor event? Our photo booth company has fantastic photo booth packages. Rent a photo booth and add-ons from us. We will guarantee you will get top-quality services. 

Getting your photo booth from Photo Booth Rentals NJ means you are working with the number #1 choice in Morristown.

Risks And Rewards Of DIY Party Photo Booth

A DIY photo booth can be a lot of fun to do. You will learn new skills and have a good time assembling the photo booth. However, just like any DIY project, it can be time-consuming and challenging. Often, DIY projects end up being more expensive than expected. If your event is coming up, DIY may not be the best idea.

In most cases, people do a DIY photo booth because they think it is cheaper. Yes, you can save more when proper planning and budgeting are done. But major mistakes might also occur during the setting up of the booth. You might have to re-do the photo booth, break something that needs replacement, or create a huge mess.

People are attracted to doing DIY photo booths because they have full control over the photo booth ideas and setup. With DIY projects, photo booth designs can be made as grand and luxurious as possible. Just remember that it is not going to be a simple build. The more complex the design and photo booth décor, the more difficult it is to assemble.

Planning on doing a DIY photo tent setup? Consider the following first:

  • Why are you doing a DIY photo booth?
  • What could happen when you do DIY instead of renting a photo booth?
  • Do you have any experience assembling a photo booth and handling equipment?
  • What are your remedies for setbacks?
  • Who’s going to manage the photo booth at your party?

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And that is it! Renting a photo booth from us is fast and easy! If you have other questions or need instant photo booth estimates, please call our office. One of our photo booth specialists would be delighted to give details of our photo booths and add-ons.


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